S & C | Rocky Mountain Couple Session | Red Deer Wedding Photographers

Ok you guys this is probably one of my FAVORITE SHOOTS EVER! I know I pretty much say that about every shoot, but SERIOUSLY! Meet Carter and Shelley! They are head over heels in love and enjoy camping and going on adventures! My kind of people ;) Shelley is a teacher, Carter went to Bible College, and will likely become a Pastor. He is also a fellow photographer who I trade "second shooting" with as much as I can. So anyways, we ended up at Crescent Falls for a "couple session". See, you don't have to be married or even engaged to have a photo session! It was absolutely amazing to be able to capture their love in such a beautiful place just because. It was totally worth the incredibly steep hike down into the falls to get these photos. Thank you so much Carter and Shelley for being such troopers and hiking down to these falls with me, and I also want to give a big thank you to Rocky Mountain Bride for featuring this session.