B & K | Banff Engagement Session

Just a few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of heading down to Banff with these two beautiful people and my husband for a super fun adventure at Peyto Lake. This right here is my brother in law and his super gorgeous bride to be. We trekked up to this spot and froze our butts off, but the view was TOTALLY worth it! I will definitely be back to shoot here again! Also, if anyone wanted to elope here and have me photograph that I wouldn’t even be mad about it!

Crescent Falls Elopement Inspiration

To start, the couple you see in the gallery are married in real life, Raelyn and Davie, who have been together since they were teenagers! They are a super adventurous, fun loving couple, who enjoy mountain hikes and adventure. So we really wanted the shoot to reflect something they would actually do together if they were to elope.

We had to climb down an incredibly steep 40 foot mountain cliff to get to the falls, which with the table and decor was an incredible feat. I can still barely believe we moved all those beautiful pieces up AND down! Our models and a few heaven sent strangers helped us along the way, but it was mostly just Darcie, from Engaged by Darcie, and I, who did the majority of the heavy lifting. The weather was extremely unpredictable with the forecast calling for rain and snow, and we almost called the shoot off multiple times, but in the end we felt since we are wedding vendors we should embrace whatever elements came our way, just as we would for a clients elopement or wedding. I am SO GLAD we did! I especially feel as if the snow and cloudy weather really add to the romance and moody feel of these photos. As you can see our candles were even unable to even stay lit thanks to the wind and water coming off of the falls.

We wanted to put something together that was romantic and somewhat glamorous, but still an adventurous, and not too serious, to truly reflect this real life couple we were shooting. We wanted a colour scheme that would really pop against the strikingly beautiful backdrop that is, Crescent Falls, but we wanted to really create something unique that we had never seen before! I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing this collection of photos as much as we enjoyed putting this shoot together, it was truly such a labor of love.

Bridal Session Collab with Calyx Floral Design | Red Deer

If you are a bride in need of flowers for your wedding look no further than Calyx Floral Design! I was recently browsing through Instagram, Travis (owner and designer at Calyx) had posted a "story" of some gorgeous blooms and was offering them up to be photographed. I was thrilled when I reached out to her and she agreed to have me take them to photograph! It was SO MUCH FUN to document her flowers, as it always is! My gorgeous friend Noelle agreed to be our "bride" and you can feel free to browse through and see the results for yourself. Also, Noelle TOTALLY looks like Megan Markle! Am I right?

So if you need flowers for your wedding, anniversary session, mothers day, or anything else really, you should definitely reach out to Travis from Calyx, she is not only AMAZING at what she does but is also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! And if you need someone to take your pictures, you know where to find me...